Sunday, 17 March 2013

Unisex kids clothes finds- mini rodini

I've decided I'm going to make it my job to find very nice UNISEX kids clothes for you. The reason being, I have an aversion to stereo typical baby pink for girls and pastel blue for boys.. why do we still think like this?
Also I like to think If I ever have a girl, she will wear the hand me downs of my son Eli, so I sort of bare this in mind when buying things for him !
So here's a few things picked out from Mini Rodini's new spring summer collection. I love the super bright colours, all organic cotton.
if you don't know mini rodini, check them out, they are a Scaninavian brand.
here are a couple of my favs!


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

what Eli wore- Bon ton

 Can't help showing you photos of Eli, as I just think he's the cutest little babe on earth. Sorry it's a bit indulgent of me!This is a quick post about Bon Ton, I love French baby clothes, they are so simple and sophisticated and these are most definitely unisex.
love this bright turquoise cardi - goes so nicely with his little knitted boots by 

 and this little gillet was a prezzie from Aude- Bon Ton 

Knitted leggins by Ouf
they have a nice blog too
other yummy suff from Bon ton :) 

Saturday, 2 March 2013

play mat time

Eli loves lying flat on his back and gets so excited when you speak to him and kicks his legs and arms like mad! so it's nice to put him on his play mat so he can stretch out. This mat was kindly given to us from Mamas and papas, and it's great as it's got lots of lights that flash and soothing pan pipe type music! so not as irritating as some , also the music changes and the lights flash at a different temp if Eli happens to hit one of the tabs with his feet as he is kicking around, so that seems to keep him entertained for longer! 

 It's got lots of black and white bits which I think he likes- and it's called stargaze
 and here's a patch work, that our seamstress Eva made from some of our scraps of lambswool 
I think we're going to make some more patch works and I'd love to make some black and white play mats for babies.

creative day out - painting ceramics

 The other week, Eli and I met up with our NCT friends and went ceramic painting.  One of the girls found a place near Victoria Park called where you can choose a blank, paint it with your baby or child and then collect it once it's fired.  I loved it, as not only was it a chance to be creative again (not done much work since Eli was born) but we could eat crepes and drink tea while we all chatted about our babies. The lady at Wonderland was very nice and helped some of us print our babies feet and hands onto the ceramics. I think there are lots of these kind of places around the country and I thoroughly recommend it!

some of the forms you can choose from to paint 
nice wipe clean shiny red tables with lots of colours available!
 Eli wasn't too keen on getting his foot covered in blue paint!
 But he looked quite the artist once he's finished!

our masterpieces waiting to be collected once the have been fired and glazed

Eli's feet at 10 weeks hanging on our kitchen wall!