Sunday 17 March 2013

Unisex kids clothes finds- mini rodini

I've decided I'm going to make it my job to find very nice UNISEX kids clothes for you. The reason being, I have an aversion to stereo typical baby pink for girls and pastel blue for boys.. why do we still think like this?
Also I like to think If I ever have a girl, she will wear the hand me downs of my son Eli, so I sort of bare this in mind when buying things for him !
So here's a few things picked out from Mini Rodini's new spring summer collection. I love the super bright colours, all organic cotton.
if you don't know mini rodini, check them out, they are a Scaninavian brand.
here are a couple of my favs!



  1. You don't fancy adopting a 42 year old by any chance!? I have the exact same dislike of all thing pink, even though I am a father of 5 days. Your right, it is so hard to find good quality pretty clothes that don't scream princess! Your blog has been a massive help. The woollens from Cambridge baby are amazing, same with some of the T's from Bobo choses. You should be less modest and show more of your blankets etc. it's a great blog & a real help, to me anyway. Thanks, Carl, North Yorkshire.

  2. Thanks Carl, and a massive CONGRATULATIONS, I found the first 2 weeks pretty traumatic, but it does get a lot easier and more amazing by the day! enjoy every minute of your baby! I will definitely be putting some of my own baby blankets and things on here, and any other baby inspired ideas. thanks for the advice! Best wishes Donna

  3. I love the things that Mini Rodini make. I have two boys and I sew a lot of their clothes so I can pick more interesting fabrics. There are lots of interesting children's clothing companies popping up making great unisex clothes. I can definitely see you joining them in the future :) I'm not keen on pink so if I had a girl I would definitely want her to be a little tomboy.

  4. I love your blog, and couldn't agree more about the unisex baby clothes. I have a one year old and get really riled when shops ridiculously segregate their clothes. Have you heard of Boys&Girls? they do gorgeous brightly coloured kids clothes that are pretty gender neutral I just blogged about them this morning actually (it normally annoys me when people put their blogs in their comments, but this time it was directly applicable!)

  5. Nice post , let me plan to have some of this for my babies