Thursday, 31 January 2013

Make your own 'apple' baby sweater

 I got so many lovely baby gifts from friends that I've hardly had to buy Eli anything yet, but I could't find a nice cosy jumper for him. So, (after having shrunk a few of my own lambswool or cashmere sweaters in my time) I decided to make a 'cut and sew' jumper for Eli. It's really easy... here's how to do it:
Find yourself an old sweater that you don't mind cutting up!
Measure your baby or even easier- draw round one of their other sweaters, remember to add on about 1 cm all the way round for seam allowance.
you need a front, a back, and two arms which are folded along the top in this picture.

Knit fabric is quite stretchy so don't worry too much about being really neat!

Sew the sides and arms on with an over stitch (or sewing machine if you have one)- starting with the two sides, and then the shoulders on the diagonal line and then the length of the arm.
make sure the stitching is secure and you start and finish off your sewing with overstitches so it does;t pull out when you start to stretch the jumper.
if you use an overly felted jumper the fabric won't fray, so you can leave the bottom edge and the neck as a raw edge.
Turn it inside out- I like the plain colour but you can also sew something on the front!  your babies name, or something he or she likes. I've decided to appliqué an apple on the front

Cut the apple shape out of another colour of fabric, and sew round the outside edge.
For the leaves i used little bits of felt, again make sure its sewn on really securely.

Wear and kick your legs and wave your arms!!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

What Eli wore - pom pom booties

 Wanted to share these booties with you- so soft wool and alpaca - a present from Siew, i love them! 
they are by a French fashion designer who i have only just discovered since getting these booties.  She has a beautiful collection of not just kids things!
heres Eli 

 I even love the way the labels are sewn on!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

What Eli wore- Black White and Bespoke

More lovely presents from my creative friends left to right: a patchwork pram belt by Kate Beckett- Eli loves looking at this, and practicing his eye focussing! Babies are really drawn to black and white and high contrasts, I don't know why we don't see more black and white kids toys and clothes. I might do a range! 
Eli is wearing a very special Baby grow from Grace du Prez Grace normally makes cutting edge embroidered jewellery with her fantastic embroidery machine, but I think this is a great idea that lots of mums would love- so do get in touch with her if you want your own bespoke baby grow! 
Little comfy stripy trousers from baby gap- (Thanks Kate again!)
and the most gorgeous tiny little cord shows with green laces- H&M (thanks Erin!) 
The little arm shaped pillow- (sometimes Eli still thinks he has my arm around him) was part of an activity blanket I got from and the mushroom rattle from love it!!

 more black and white toys- this one winds round the handles of your pram or carrier and has a mirror and lots of jangly things to keep Eli's eyes fixed on it. (mamas and papas)
background little mountain peak blanket- (an old one of mine)

first pair of shoes! I'll have to keep these and show him them when he's a grown up!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

What Eli wore - sheep and squirrel

With the lovely snow in London its the perfect excuse to dress Eli up in cosy wool things, here's my favourite outfit at the moment- a squirrel cardigan, that my friend Charlie got from Cath Kidston, a beautiful pair of leggans from which I bought in Iceland, and some gorgeous sheepskin mitts from a wee place in the North East of Scotland (thanks Doughal!) they have a bit of ribbon joining them together so you don't loose one! and below cosy sheepskin boots from the white company- (thanks Maria!)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

What Eli wore- fisherman

Today Eli is wearing his fisherman outfit.
I LOVE these dungarees that my sister got for him,  they are so cosy and natural pure wool so keep him at a good temperature and let his body breath. Underneath is a hand knitted jumper hand me down and some cosy wool socks.
His dungarees were from which has lots of beautiful natural and organic baby wear. the brand is disana look like a very nice family run german company.I will be buying more from here!
look at this lovely cosy sleep bag they do.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New year new life

So since I last wrote on my kids things blog a lot has happened. Mr Eli Almond is in the world. He's 6 weeks old today, which is a strange feeling. Where did those 6 weeks go? He was born after a bit of a long and difficult birth, and is now settling into to his life on the outside! 
Becoming a mum is an incredible journey, no matter how much people tell you, nothing can really prepare you for how you feel after having a little human being that is completely dependant on you for everything! I'm getting more and more confident with him by the week, but I did think to myself, how would I ever be able to leave the house again! 
I now spend hours gazing at him with a smile on my face wondering what he will look like when he's a bit older, what will his personality be like? and enjoying every precious minute with him!
Through this blog I hope to share with you things I do, and see,  and find, and creative things for creative kids ( I do hope he will be be creative after all he has two parents that are designers) and now I'm wondering how little Mr Eli will change me! 
so happy happy new year everyone, here's to an exiting and growing 2013!