Tuesday, 13 November 2012

felt away the moths!

 I got this lovely hand knitted vest years ago from Jon's mum who brought it back from a trip to Iceland. it's so light weight and stretchy but when I found it in the cupboard it was covered in moth holes!
A great project for my woolfillerkit.
If you've ever done felting you'll take to this straight away- it's a little kit with two felting needles and some wool tops and you can create little spots over the holes making them a feature!
can't wait to have a babe to wear it now!!

Here's a funny video of all it's uses.

a product by Dutch Designer Heleen Klopper www.woolfiller.com/


  1. LOVE it! Very creative and I WANT A KIT TOO!

  2. excellent, I can picture lots of my sweaters with nice colored polka dots! thanks

  3. Oh, what a perfect way to repair a treasured sweater. I think it's beautiful with all the wool dots.