Saturday, 2 March 2013

play mat time

Eli loves lying flat on his back and gets so excited when you speak to him and kicks his legs and arms like mad! so it's nice to put him on his play mat so he can stretch out. This mat was kindly given to us from Mamas and papas, and it's great as it's got lots of lights that flash and soothing pan pipe type music! so not as irritating as some , also the music changes and the lights flash at a different temp if Eli happens to hit one of the tabs with his feet as he is kicking around, so that seems to keep him entertained for longer! 

 It's got lots of black and white bits which I think he likes- and it's called stargaze
 and here's a patch work, that our seamstress Eva made from some of our scraps of lambswool 
I think we're going to make some more patch works and I'd love to make some black and white play mats for babies.


  1. Donna Wilson baby line would be awesome!

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