Saturday 15 June 2013

Piechart Patchwork and Giant Turtles- NEW kids products

 Just finished installing a little room set at the kids trade show Bubble London, where we are showing a couple of our new products for the first time... available in September so here's a sneak preview!
This is one of my favourite things... it's a piechart patchwork quilt, made of lovely soft lambswool knitted sections, and each one is a one off!

 not very easy to see, but there is a knitted fruit mobile hanging infront of the leaves.

little knitted booties at the end of the bed

 and our GIANT TURTLE floor cushion has a mind of his own

Hope you like the new additions, we'll be launching more new products in September.


  1. Hi there, room looks great. Can you tell me, will the fruit mobile be one of the new items on release this autumn? Looking for a mobile now, but always willing to wait for something special. Thanks, Carl.

    1. Hi Carl, this fruit mobile was a one off piece made for the show. It's not a product we will be making to sell through our retailers, but we do sometimes do bespoke or one off items- I'll work out a cost if you're interested. Send me us an email thanks Donna

    2. Thanks for the speedy reply, what with the business, Eli and everyday life it's a wonder you have anytime free whatsoever! It's a shame you don't do mobiles, there's a big gap in the market for non brightly coloured plastic toys in general! I have seen a few nice ish mobiles, but non as nice as your fruit combination. Ill contact you via above email address over next couple of days. Thanks, Carl.

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