Monday 17 February 2014

back to blog ... and instagram (it's easier!)

OK it's been a while! Sorry guys.... I guess I didn't quite realise how much my life would change after having a baby ! sounds ridiculous as everyone tries to warn you, but until it happens to you you don't believe them!! So juggling work and baby was tough, and now Eli is a WHOLE YEAR old, I finally feel a little more adjusted to it!

So I'm ready to do a few more blog posts, focussing on creative things to do with your baby/child.  I really don't want to see Eli glued to the TV or an iPad (every now and again is OK) but I am trying to encourage him to play and create and get messy.

At the moment he is very keen on getting messy, and not so keen on playing with his toys, but as with everything I'm sure that will change.  So here goes... I'm hoping to inspire you with easy and fun projects, some messy and some not!

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