Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beautiful Book - The Fir Tree

Another beautiful book for you- this one was written by Hans Christian Andersen, so it must be good!- haven't read it yet.The Fir tree was first published in 1845.
This one is illustrated by one of my favourite illustrators Sanna Annukka. Sanna spent her childhood in Finland and is now based in Brighton.
 It has a lovely fabric bound cover- a few photos for you- great Christmas gift.

wise words from those rays of sunlight !


  1. I love this book so much! Sanna Annukka is an amazing designer, and when I heard she'd illustrated this book I had to pre-order it. It is absolutely gorgeous, stunning illustrations and lovely cloth binding make it a treasure both to keep and give as a present - perfect for Christmas! Loving your new kid-centred blog Donna! Rachel

  2. .....this is a darling book to be bought as a forever treasure.....definitely on my list to buy.......thank you for the idea! X

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