Saturday 10 November 2012

I choose Bobo Choses

Have come across a lovely little baby brand, and wanted to share it with you. Haven't bought anything from there yet, but I think they would make beautiful presents. it's called Bobo Choses The main reason I like then is that there's not a pastel blue or a pastel pink in sight! 

 This dog suit is my favourite!!... ok one pastel pink baby suit but look at the funny black drawing of a cat. it's not the normal cutesey stuff you get everywhere.
 and they have some limited edition items too, look at this hand woven Peruvian poncho!
Hope you like !


  1. Love Bobo Choses but sadly my boy is too big for them now! But they do have some lovely scarves for ladies too, so I can indulge for myself. Congrats on your news. x

    1. I know!, wish they did bigger sizes too. maybe they will x

  2. I wish they did them adult size! Ho hum - one day eh? Fingers crossed. Congrats Donna on your news - a adventure awaits! x

  3. Love this brand...have been eyeing them as well...haven' t made up my mind which piece i love most :-)

  4. lovely post and beautiful kids is in pics
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