Friday, 16 November 2012

Alternative Kids Toys

At  Milan Furniture Fair this year, you see so much design, and only a small part of it sticks in your memory,  These kids toys did it for me.
Beautifully made, simplified and pared down to basic element- a wooden shape that rolls or stands, a bean bag in a faded chalky hue and a natural piece of leather.
The designer told me that it was to encourage play and kinds to use their imagination and with these lovely textures I think it would do that. I'm so sorry I don't even know who made them... if anyone does let me know and I'll post the name on the blog.


  1. I wish you knew the designer. They are very contemplative and pleasing. I think they'd be great as a meditative device or a desk toy.

  2. I think they mind be from dmoch.

  3. Beautiful as adult toys, inspiring to put together such packets of three contrasting textures, shapes, materials. LOVELY!

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