Sunday 20 January 2013

What Eli wore - sheep and squirrel

With the lovely snow in London its the perfect excuse to dress Eli up in cosy wool things, here's my favourite outfit at the moment- a squirrel cardigan, that my friend Charlie got from Cath Kidston, a beautiful pair of leggans from which I bought in Iceland, and some gorgeous sheepskin mitts from a wee place in the North East of Scotland (thanks Doughal!) they have a bit of ribbon joining them together so you don't loose one! and below cosy sheepskin boots from the white company- (thanks Maria!)


  1. He's angelic, adorable and the best dressed boy ever. Please post what he wears every day! I'm drooling over here across the ocean.

  2. OOOOOH! I've only just realised you've had a "peedie toot" lol He's gorgeous and quite possibly the best dressed bubba in town.
    Congratulations XxX