Tuesday 29 January 2013

What Eli wore - pom pom booties

 Wanted to share these booties with you- so soft wool and alpaca - a present from Siew, i love them! 
they are by a French fashion designer http://www.lillymarthe-ebener.com/ who i have only just discovered since getting these booties.  She has a beautiful collection of not just kids things!
heres Eli 

 I even love the way the labels are sewn on!


  1. Love your things, and so happy to have found this blog too. Congrats on your little one, Eli is a lovely name.
    Will be following along to see how you get on and look at the great kiddo finds!
    All best wishes, Sarah

  2. Hi Donna,
    Loving seeing all the beautiful woolly things Eli is wearing :) What a lucky boy! x

  3. Eli, you are your booties are just a bit adorable!

    xo em