Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Little boxes - fun making activity by Olivia

Here's an idea for you -
Make beautifully decorated boxes with your little one -they love it and they are very useful!

 Step 1: Save some cardboard boxes from your recycling bin.
Step2: Gently open them up and turn them inside out. 
Step 3: Put them flat on the table and let your child paint or decorate them.

Step 4: When the flat "boxes" are nice and dry put them back together again preferably using a hot glue-gun. 
Make sure that the glue and the glue-gun itself gets very hot - definitely not when the child is around.

The glue dries straight away so very soon you have lovely "new" boxes to maybe use next time you have a gift to wrap! 

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  1. Brilliant! But the box-maker here is the cutest of all.